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“At Least” by Cooper Harrison

I give her my mind

She smiles soft

Calls it kind

We get along fine

For dull summer days keeping us safe

from well deserved whine

The wine makes wanting more for each other

And a tear is shed

Then 17 years later we find our backyard shed filled with tears

At least they salt the pool

Keep it clean

Oh honey we ought to have a little more




Upon hearing this she forces those too-clean, white, putrid tears dry

Back into whimpering sockets of defeat and deceit

I cower in fear

After exchange of 5 more years

I wake up

Finally god damn walking

Down grey path

Alone and surrounded by deer

Also an uncomfortable guilt that 2/5th of me is dead or at least shocked beyond good faith

I guess I’m really less alone

than a sad middle-aged man far from home

More numb than starkly dumb

At least I’ve escaped from